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      CHC 332     


Art. 332.  Notice of judgment; new trials; time for appeal

A.  Except as otherwise provided within a particular Title of this Code, appeals shall be taken within fifteen days from the mailing of notice of the judgment.  However, if a timely application for a new trial is made pursuant to Paragraph C, the delay for appeal commences to run from the date of the mailing of notice of denial of the new trial motion.

B.  Notice of judgment, including notice of orders or judgments taken under advisement, shall be as provided in Code of Civil Procedure Article 1913.

C.  After judgment is signed, a party may make a written request for a motion for new trial on any ground provided by law.  The delay for applying for a new trial is three days, exclusive of holidays, and shall commence to run from the mailing of notice of judgment.  A motion for new trial shall be decided expeditiously and within seven days from the date of submission for decision.

Acts 1991, No. 235, §3, eff. Jan. 1, 1992; Acts 1995, No. 1095, §1; Acts 2003, No. 545, §2.

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