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      CHC 436     


Art. 436.  Definitions

(1)  "Approved register" means the register of qualified mediators prepared and maintained by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Louisiana State Bar Association.

(2)  "Mediation" is a procedure in which a mediator facilitates communication between the parties concerning the matters in dispute and explores possible solutions to promote reconciliation, understanding, and settlement.

(3)  "Mediation parties" means:

(a)  In a child in need of care proceeding, a representative of the Department of Children and Family Services, the parent, and the child.

(b)  In a delinquency proceeding, the alleged victim and offender.

(c)  In a families in need of services proceeding, the parent and the child and any other person involved in the complaint including, in truancy cases, a school representative, and, in offense cases, the alleged victim.

(4)  "Mediator" is a third-party neutral who assists the parties in attempting to reach an agreement and who lacks the authority to impose any particular agreement upon them or to recommend any particular disposition of the case to the court.

Acts 1999, No. 894, §1.

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