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      CHC 732     



Art. 732.  Duties of intake officer

A.  The court shall designate any individual, except a person authorized to file a petition, who will serve as the intake officer for the court in families in need of services cases.

B.  Unless otherwise specified by the court, the duties of the intake officer shall include:

(1)  Responsibility for receiving all complaints alleging that a family is in need of services.

(2)  Responsibility for conducting a preliminary investigation into the merits of the allegations.

(3)  Responsibility for identifying any public institutions or agencies having the legal responsibility and ability to supply any needed services.

(4)  Scheduling the conference authorized by Article 743 and notifying all parties of the time and place of the conference.

(5)  Conducting the Informal Family Services Plan conference and writing the resulting agreement, if any.

(6)  Coordinating the implementation of the resulting agreement, if any.

(7)  Referring the case for petition and an adjudication hearing, if necessary.

Acts 1991, No. 235, §7; Acts 1999, No. 1313, §1.

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