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      CHC 775     


Art. 775.  Notice of predisposition report and examination

A.  Prior to or during the disposition hearing, the court shall advise the child and his caretaker of the factual contents and the conclusions of the predisposition report authorized by Article 773 and any other reports considered by the court.

B.  If the court has ordered a mental examination of the child or his caretaker pursuant to Article 774, the court, prior to the disposition hearing, shall provide the counsel for the child and caretaker with copies of reports submitted in connection with such mental examination.

C.  The court shall afford the child and his caretaker fair opportunity to controvert factual contents and conclusions disclosed pursuant to Paragraphs A and B of this Article.

D.  A copy of any reports relevant to the dispositional plan of services shall also be provided to any agency named in the disposition order as having responsibility to provide services to the child or his caretaker.

Acts 1991, No. 235, §7.

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