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      CHC 791.3     


Art. 791.3. State, state agencies; participation

           A. The state recognizes that juvenile crime is a statewide problem which is increasing and which adversely affects all its citizens starting with the child and family. In metropolitan areas of the state, juvenile courts report that almost all of its families under the Families in Need of Services program involve school-related issues and the overwhelming majority are truant cases involving children below the age of twelve. "Out-of-school" suspension rates in elementary schools are comparable to those of middle and junior high schools.

           B. The state is obligated to provide certain social and health care services to needy families through the Department of Children and Family Services and the Louisiana Department of Health. These services for assessment and psychiatric evaluation and treatment, if deemed needed, must be continued. The state substance abuse clinics, through its employees and contracted programs, shall accept referrals for substance abuse evaluation and treatment if warranted. The legislature recognizes that each parish included in this Chapter has committed through binding interagency agreements to provide certain enumerated services, including providing physical space. This commitment by the parishes is predicated on financial assistance from the state in order to fully comply with the creation of truancy and assessment and service centers. Additionally, in order to support each truancy and assessment and service center with sufficient services pursuant to this Chapter, the state will continue to provide social and health-related services where available.

           Acts 1999, No. 1372, §1.

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