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      CHC 863     


Art. 863.  Effect of transfer order; review

A.  An order of transfer terminates the jurisdiction of the court exercising juvenile jurisdiction over the child with respect to the delinquent acts alleged in the petition.  The appropriate court exercising criminal jurisdiction shall retain jurisdiction over the case, even though the child pleads guilty to, or is convicted of, a lesser included offense.  The plea to, or conviction of, a lesser included offense shall not revest juvenile jurisdiction over such child.

B.  The decision of the court regarding transfer of the case to the court exercising criminal jurisdiction is only an interlocutory judgment which either the child or the state, or both, have the right to have reviewed summarily by the appropriate court of appeal.  Such review shall be by preference.

Acts 1991, No. 235, §8, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.

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