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      CHC 903     


Art. 903. Judgment of disposition

            A.(1) Before entering a judgment of disposition, the court shall orally inform the child and shall state for the record the considerations taken into account and the factual basis therefor in imposing the particular disposition chosen.

            (2) In every case or proceeding involving a judgment of disposition of a child, the court shall refrain from manifesting by any words or conduct, bias or prejudice based on race, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability.

            B. The court shall enter into the record a written judgment of disposition specifying all of the following:

            (1) The offense for which the child has been adjudicated a delinquent.

            (2) The nature of the disposition.

            (3) The agency, institution, or person to whom the child is assigned.

            (4) The conditions of probation, if applicable.

            (5) Any other applicable terms and conditions regarding the disposition.

            (6) The maximum duration of the disposition and, if committed to the custody of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, the maximum term of the commitment.

            (7) An order of expungement to be made executory at the end of the disposition unless, at the end of the disposition, a person or agency files an objection using the form provided in Article 926 on any of the following grounds:

            (a) The adjudication was for murder, manslaughter, an offense requiring registration as a sex offender under R.S. 15:542, kidnapping, or armed robbery.

            (b) The child has a criminal court felony conviction or a criminal court conviction for a misdemeanor involving a firearm against a person.

            (c) The child has an outstanding indictment or bill of information for a felony charge or a charge of a misdemeanor involving a firearm against a person.

            C. The order of commitment may require the department to take physical custody of a child adjudicated a delinquent, committed to its custody pursuant to Article 897(D) or Article 899(D), and recommended by the court or the department for assignment to a secure program or facility, within fourteen days from the date of the court's signing of the judgment of disposition when the child is in or is going to be placed in the physical custody of a parish juvenile facility. If a court modifies a judgment of disposition, in accordance with Chapter 17, and gives the department custody of the adjudicated delinquent, the provisions of this Article and R.S. 15:901 apply.

            D. An extract of the minutes of court specifying the information required by Paragraph B of this Article and signed by the court shall be considered a written judgment of disposition.

            E. The date of entry of the judgment of disposition shall be recorded on the judgment.

            F. Upon request, a copy of the judgment of disposition shall be furnished to the parent.

            G.(1) The court shall provide to the child, in plain language, the following information:

            (a) Information regarding the rights and procedures of expungement and sealing of juvenile records.

            (b) Information regarding expungement, including instructions to the child that when his records are expunged he is not required to disclose that he has a juvenile record.

            (c) The expungement motion provided in Article 925.

            (2) Failure of the court to inform the child of the right to petition for expungement shall not create a substantive right and shall not constitute grounds for a reversal of an adjudication of delinquency, grounds for a new trial, or grounds for an appeal.

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