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      CHC 922     


Art. 922. Expungement and sealing order; effect

            A. Except for the limited purposes stated in Articles 920 and 921, upon an order of expungement and sealing, the records and reports expunged and sealed and the underlying conduct and conditions are considered nonexistent and shall not be made available to any person. No person whose juvenile records and reports have been expunged and sealed shall be required to disclose to any person that he was arrested or adjudicated or that the records and reports of arrest or adjudication have been expunged and sealed.

            B. A child that is the subject of an expunged record or the child's parent shall not be found guilty of perjury or otherwise giving false statements by reason of the child's failure to recite or acknowledge his expunged record in response to any inquiry made of the child or the child's parent for any purpose. However, if the child is a witness in a criminal or juvenile delinquency matter, the child may be ordered to testify regarding his expunged record.

            Acts 1997, No. 1127, §1, eff. July 14, 1997; Acts 2017, No. 362, §1.

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