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      CHC 722     


Art. 722. Grounds; hearing; order

            A. The mover shall have the burden of proving all of the following by clear and convincing evidence:

            (1) The child has been adjudicated to be in need of care.

            (2) Adoption is not in the best interest of the child and the child cannot be safely reunified with the parent within a reasonable time.

            (3) The child has resided for at least six months with the proposed guardian, unless the court waives the residence requirement for good cause.

            (4) The proposed guardian is able to provide a stable and safe home for the child for the duration of minority.

            B. If the child is twelve years of age or older, the court shall solicit and consider the wishes of the child in the matter.

            C. The court shall hold a hearing before approving a guardianship and shall, at the conclusion of the hearing, enter a written order that includes the findings upon which the order is based.

            Acts 2011, No. 128, §1; Acts 2022, No. 272, §1.

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