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      RS 13:4243     


§4243.  Notice of filing

A.  At the time of the filing of the petition and foreign judgment, the judgment creditor shall file with the court an affidavit setting forth the name and last known address of the judgment debtor and the judgment creditor.

B.  Promptly upon the filing of the petition, the foreign judgment, and the affidavit, the clerk shall send a notice by certified mail to the judgment debtor at the address given and shall make a note of the mailing in the record.  The notice shall include the name and address of the judgment creditor and his attorney, if any.  In addition, the judgment creditor may mail a notice of the filing to the judgment debtor and may file proof of mailing with the clerk.  Failure to mail notice of filing by the clerk shall not affect the enforcement proceedings if proof of mailing by the judgment creditor has been filed.

C.  No execution or other process for enforcement of a foreign judgment filed hereunder shall issue until thirty days after the mailing of the notice of the filing of the foreign judgment.

Acts 1985, No. 464, §1; Acts 1997, No. 1156, §5; Acts 2003, No. 750, §4.

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