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      RS 32:1256.2     


§1256.2.  National recreational product shows

A.  National recreational product shows are hereby authorized as provided for in this Section.

B.  When used in this Section, the following words and phrases have the meaning ascribed to them in this Paragraph:

(1)  "National recreational product show" or "show" means a controlled event promoted by an organizer who seeks sponsorships from distributors or manufacturers of recreational products where their products are shown. A national recreational product show requires all of the following:

(a)  The participation of at least three or more sponsors.

(b)  A duration of no longer than ten days.

(c)  A non-selling show with no execution of sales contracts, credit applications, taking of security deposits, or delivery of any recreational product.

(2)  "Non-Louisiana" means a distributor or manufacturer who holds a current license as a distributor or manufacturer in another state.

(3)  "Organizer" means any person, alone or with others, whose principal business activity is the promotion of shows. An organizer shall be licensed as a promoter pursuant to R.S. 32:1254.

(4)  "Product specialist" means any person selected by the sponsor to assist in the sponsor's participation in a show.

(5)  "Sponsor" means a distributor or manufacturer who pays cash or an in-kind fee to an organizer in return for access to the commercial potential associated with a show.

C.  The presence of product specialists, business cards, brochures, pricing sheets and other points of sales devices to answer consumer questions are not prohibited at a national recreational product show.

D.(1)  An organizer shall obtain a license from the commission on an application prescribed by and with the information required by the commission.

(2)  The application shall be submitted to the commission not less than sixty days prior to the opening of the show.

(3)  A license fee of five hundred dollars shall be included with the application.

E.  Participation in a national recreational product show is limited to distributors or manufacturers who are licensed in Louisiana pursuant to this Chapter, except as provided in Subsection F of this Section.

F.  In order to participate in a national recreational product show in Louisiana, non-Louisiana recreational products distributors and manufacturers shall register their participation with the commission not later than ten business days prior to the date of the show. To register, each non-Louisiana recreational product distributor or manufacturer shall submit its name, address, a copy of its current equivalent license from the state of its domicile, and a fee of two hundred fifty dollars to the commission.

G.  The commission may adopt rules and regulations consistent with the provisions of this Section in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.

Acts 2012, No. 855, §1, eff. July 1, 2012.

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