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      RS 23:104     


§104. Application for license

            No person, company, corporation, or partnership shall operate, solicit, or advertise an employment service in this state unless licensed by the assistant secretary. The application for a license shall be furnished by the assistant secretary. A license shall be required for each employment service office location. Each individual named as a licensee, manager, or on-site consultant shall demonstrate competent knowledge of the private employment service law and rules and regulations by scoring at least eighty percent on a written examination. Each application for a license shall be accompanied by a copy of the employment service's applicant contract, if applicable, which applicant contract shall include the schedule of applicant fees that the employment service proposes to use. No license shall be valid for any individual other than the individual to whom it is issued. All licenses shall be issued in the name of the licensee. Such license shall be issued to include all trade names in use at that location at the time of application for license or those later reported to the assistant secretary of the office of workforce development.

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