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      RS 24:608     


§608.  Responsibility to legislature; operating funds

A.  The legislative fiscal office is a service agency of the legislature and in every aspect of its functions, duties and operations shall be responsible solely to the legislature and to no other branch of the state government or any board, commission, department or agency or official of any other branch of the state government.  

B.  The funds for the operations of the legislative fiscal office, over and above such funds as are now or may hereafter be made available by law or otherwise, shall be appropriated by the legislature from the state general fund from year to year and shall be included in and constitute a separate item in the act appropriating funds for the expenses of the legislature and its committees.  In addition, the presiding officers of each of the houses of the legislature shall have authority to expend, or to pay over to the legislative fiscal office for expenditure, out of any funds available to either or both of them such amounts as are necessary to provide supplementary funds for the purpose of fully carrying out any one or more of the functions of the legislative fiscal office for the benefit of the legislature, its members and committees.  

C.  The books and records of the legislative fiscal office shall be subject to audit by the legislative auditor.  

Added by Acts 1973, No. 169, §1, eff. July 1, 1974.  

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