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      CHC 1284.1     




Art. 1284.1.  Petition; contents; form

A.  The petition for recognition of foreign adoption shall be styled: "In re __________, Applying for Recognition of Foreign Adoption from a Hague Convention Country."  The petition or an attached exhibit shall state:

(1)  The full name, address, age, occupation, and marital status of each petitioner, at least one of whom is a domiciliary of the state of Louisiana.

(2)  The name by which the child is known to petitioners.

(3)  The place and date of the birth of the child if known; if not known, then the approximate age of the child.

(4)  The date and circumstances under which the child was adopted in a foreign country and entered the home of the petitioner.

(5)  Any relationship existing between the petitioner and the child.

B.  The petition shall be accompanied by a Hague Adoption Certificate issued by a United States consular officer pursuant to 22 CFR 42.24(j) and a copy of the child's IH-3 visa. Documents related to a convention adoption shall require no authentication in order to be admissible unless a specific and supported claim is made that the documents are false, have been altered, or are otherwise unreliable.

Acts 2013, No. 86, §1.

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