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      RS 30:23.1     


§23.1. Recordation of notice of solution mined cavern

            A. The owner or operator of a solution mined cavern shall record the survey plat of the well location for the solution mining injection well in the mortgage and conveyance records of the parish in which the property is located. Such notice shall be made in a form approved by the commissioner and within the time specified by the commissioner. If an owner or operator fails or refuses to record such notice, the commissioner may, if he determines that the public interest requires, and after due notice and an opportunity for a hearing has been given to the owner and operator, cause such notice to be recorded. The clerk of court shall forward to the office of conservation a copy of each notice recorded by an owner or operator in accordance with this Subsection.

            B. The failure of an owner to file, or ensure that the operator has filed, the required notice may constitute grounds for an action in redhibition under the applicable provisions of Civil Code Article 2520 et seq., unless the purchaser has actual or constructive knowledge that the property has been used for such purposes.

            C. Any action brought pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall be commenced within one year from the date the purchaser first knows of the existence of the fact that gives rise to the action, but in any event within three years of the date upon which the purchaser acquired his ownership interest in the property. Venue shall be in any parish in which the property or any portion thereof is located.

            Acts 2013, No. 369, §2.

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