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      RS 30:11     


§11.  Allocation of allowable production

A.  Whenever the commissioner limits the total amount of oil or gas which may be produced, he shall allocate the allowable production among the fields.  This allocation shall be made on a reasonable basis, giving, to each field with small wells of settled production, an amount which will prevent a general premature abandonment of the wells in the field.

B.  The commissioner may limit the production of a pool to an amount less than that which the pool could produce if no restriction were imposed.  This limitation may be imposed either as an incident to or without a limitation of the total amount of oil or gas which may be produced in this state.  The commissioner shall prorate the allowable production among the producers in the pool on a reasonable basis so as to prevent or minimize avoidable drainage from each developed area which is not equalized by counter drainage, and so that each producer will have the opportunity to produce or receive his just and equitable share, subject to the reasonable necessities for the prevention of waste.

C.  After the effective date of a rule, regulation, or order of the commissioner fixing the allowable production of oil or gas, or both, for a pool, no person shall produce from a well, lease, or property more than the allowable production which is applicable, nor shall the amount be produced in a different manner than that authorized.

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