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      RS 30:1201     



§1201.  Findings, policy, and purpose

A.  The legislature finds that the development and implementation of laws, policies, programs, and procedures to conserve and improve efficiency in the use of energy will have an immediate and substantial effect in reducing the rate of growth of energy demands in this state and minimizing the adverse social and economic impact of the decline in the oil and gas reserves of the state, further the unique economic, climatic, and geographic conditions of this state are of paramount importance in the formulation and implementation of a state energy conservation program and state energy efficiency standards for buildings, and it is in the public interest and within the police power of the state to develop energy efficiency standards designed to reduce energy consumption in residential, commercial, and public buildings.  

B.  It is the policy of this state to develop a state energy conservation plan to reduce the total amount of energy consumed in this state by five percent or more from the projected energy consumption for this state in 1980.  

C.  The purpose of this Chapter is to develop thermal and lighting efficiency standards for residential, commercial, and public buildings in this state that are designed to meet the unique economic and environmental conditions and requirements of this state.  

Added by Acts 1978, No. 715, §1.  

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