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      RS 30:1203     


§1203.  Rule-making authority of the secretary

A.  The secretary is authorized to develop rules establishing minimum thermal efficiency standards for new residential and light commercial buildings, minimum thermal and lighting efficiency standards for new and renovated commercial buildings, minimum lighting efficiency standards for existing public buildings, procedures for the issuance of certificates certifying compliance with energy efficiency standards for buildings, and procedures for the examination and certification of energy auditors and energy analysts.  The lighting and thermal efficiency standards shall allow a single design of a building based on total building performance, and the thermal efficiency standards for new residential shall describe acceptable building and construction practices.  

B.  The secretary shall devise such rules before August 1, 1979, in conformance with the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act.

C.  The secretary is authorized to employ, from funds appropriated or otherwise available to the department, technical consultants and other persons whose advice and assistance is deemed necessary to formulate such rules.  

Added by Acts 1978, No. 715, §1.

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