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      RS 30:121     




§121. State Mineral and Energy Board created; composition and powers

            A. The State Mineral and Energy Board, as created by Act No. 93 of the 1936 Regular Session of the Legislature, is hereby continued. The board shall be composed of the governor and the secretary of the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, ex officio, and nine members appointed by the governor. Each appointment by the governor shall be submitted to the Senate for confirmation. Six members shall constitute a quorum.

            B. Each appointed member shall serve a term concurrent with that of the governor making the appointment.

            C. The governor shall be ex officio chairman or may designate the board to elect its chairman to serve for two years. The board shall be a body corporate with power to sue and be sued. The domicile of the board shall be in Baton Rouge and it shall possess, in addition to the powers herein granted, all of the usual powers incident to corporations. If the governor serves as ex officio chairman, in case of a tie, the vote of the governor shall determine the issue. If the governor has designated the board to elect its chairman, the chairman may vote only once on any motion. The deputy secretary or the undersecretary of the Department of Energy and Natural Resources may serve as a proxy member of the board in the absence of the secretary with full authority to act for the secretary as a member of the board.

            D. The board shall administer the state's proprietary interest in minerals as herein provided. The governor may appoint to the board members engaged in the industry and related business activity which members and which board shall be subject to the provisions of R.S. 42:1101 through R.S. 42:1168.

            Amended by Acts 1950, No. 59, §1; Acts 1956, No. 43, §1; Acts 1960, No. 453, §1; Acts 1962, No. 352, §1, emerg. eff. July 11, 1962; Acts 1977, No. 667, §1, eff. July 20, 1977; Acts 1978, No. 581, §1; Acts 1979, No. 649, §1; Acts 1980, No. 728, §1; Acts 2003, No. 774, §7; Acts 2006, No. 145, §1; Acts 2009, No. 196, §2, eff. July 1, 2009; Acts 2023, No. 150, §5, eff. Jan. 10, 2024.

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