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      RS 30:134     


§134.  Roads, etc.; payment to parishes; compromise of claims

The provisions of this Subpart shall extend to the public roads, canals, and similar properties, the title to which is in either the state or the parishes.  Where road beds belonging to the parishes are leased by the board, the leases shall provide for the payment of a royalty to the parish in which production occurs of at least one-sixteenth of the minerals produced, to be used by the police jury for public purposes.  The governor, the attorney general and the executive counsel or any two of them, may settle and compromise with the parishes or other claimants, all matters relating to lands or rights referred to in this Section, upon terms and conditions any two of them decide.  In connection with agreements these officers, or any two of them, may stipulate for the reconveyance of lands to the state and for payment of royalties and rentals and the division thereof between the state and the parishes or other claimants.

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