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      RS 30:1401     



§1401. Statement of findings

            A. The legislature finds that the state of Louisiana has received millions of dollars in federal oil overcharge refund monies as a result of violations, alleged and actual, of federal price controls and allocation laws. Further, the subject of oil overcharge refunds is complicated by the lack of uniformity of terms and conditions among the congressional directives, consent orders, remedial orders, settlements, and judgments awarding the refunds.

            B. With the approval of the United States Department of Energy, the Department of Energy and Natural Resources administers the federal oil overcharge monies due the state, as appropriated by the legislature. Early legislative input and recommendations on state expenditure plans will maximize efficient delivery of services and benefits to Louisiana's consumers, particularly those interest groups including low income persons, educational institutions, and hospitals, served by mandated federal programs.

            C. The legislature finds and declares that in order to provide legislators with information as to expenditure restrictions and to encourage interaction among the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, the legislature, and the United States Department of Energy, a special joint legislative committee on federal oil overcharge monies shall be created.

            Acts 1987, No. 508, §1, eff. July 9, 1987; Acts 2023, No. 150, §5, eff. Jan. 10, 2024.

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