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      RS 30:1403     


§1403.  Segregation of federal oil overcharge refund monies

A.  The legislature finds that since 1983 federal oil overcharge refund monies from a number of cases have been deposited to the Federal Energy Settlement Fund within the state treasury.  The differing terms and conditions applied to these monies by congressional directives, consent orders, remedial orders, settlements, and judgments have made further segregation of the funds imperative.  

B.  The state treasurer will provide a separate fund within the state treasury for the deposit of refund monies from each individual oil overcharge case.  All such refund monies allocated to the state shall be credited to this separate fund and disbursements from the fund shall be made by the legislature only in accordance with Article III, Section 16 of the Louisiana Constitution.  

Acts 1987, No. 508, §1, eff. July 9, 1987.  

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