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      RS 30:148.8     


§148.8.  Oil, gas, and mineral rights not affected; exceptions

Nothing in this Subpart is intended to authorize the leasing of lands or bodies of lakes, bays or coves, sea, arms of the sea, or other navigable waters and beds thereof for the exploration and development of same for the production of oil, gas, sulphur, or other minerals, provided, however, such absence of authorization shall not be construed as prohibiting drilling for the purpose of injection, storage, or withdrawal of any stored oil, natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons, or carbon dioxide into or from any underground reservoirs or salt dome caverns, or the drilling of wells for the purpose of making caverns in salt domes covered by any lease granted pursuant to the provisions of this Subpart.  Such absence of authorization shall not be construed to prohibit the production of any oil, natural gas, or liquid hydrocarbons which may remain in a partially depleted underground reservoir determined by the commissioner of conservation of the state of Louisiana to be suitable for use as an underground storage reservoir in accordance with the provisions of this Title.

Acts 1995, No. 88, §1, eff. June 12, 1995; Acts 2008, No. 315, §1.

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