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      RS 30:172     


§172.  Lessees may construct breakwaters, etc.

Any person holding or acquiring a lease from the state for the development and production of minerals from lands including water bottoms belonging to the state, shall be authorized, in the conduct of the operations under the lease, to build, install and exclusively control, upon the shores, banks or water bottoms covered by the lease, breakwaters, platforms, fills, islands, (through excavation, pumping process or otherwise) and other constructions and facilities that he may find necessary or convenient for the exploitation, production, storing, treating, processing, refining, conveying, transporting and marketing of minerals produced under such lease and under leases covering other lands in the vicinity.  Should any island or fill be made within navigable waters, a permit shall first be secured from the Register of the State Land Office and approved by the commissioner of conservation.

Amended by Acts 1950, No. 74, §1.

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