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      RS 30:179.13     


§179.13.  Necessity for payment prior to ratification

No agreement provided for in R.S. 30:179.11 shall be construed or considered as a ratification by the state of Louisiana of any mineral lease covered by such agreement unless the lessee shall, within ninety days after final settlement or adjudication of any such controversy, pay to the state of Louisiana, in addition to the funds deposited in escrow, any and all bonuses, rentals, royalties and other considerations due and payable under the terms of the said lease agreement and not theretofore paid to the state of Louisiana.  The state of Louisiana, through the same authorities hereinabove set forth, shall, on receipt of such payments, enter into a ratification agreement with the said lessee or, at its option, execute a new lease agreement in favor of the lessee on the state form then currently in use, but containing the same expiration date, rental and royalty provisions and drilling obligations as those contained in the original lease contract; provided, that the terms and conditions of the lease and of the escrow agreement referred to in R.S. 30:179.11 have been fully complied with.  Nothing herein contained shall prejudice the rights of the state in the event that the lessee shall fail to make payment of the bonuses, rentals, royalties and other considerations which may be due and payable to the state of Louisiana as provided in this Section.

Acts 1964, No. 311, §3.

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