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      RS 30:2002     


§2002.  Findings and declaration of policy

The legislature finds and declares that:

(1)  The maintenance of a healthful and safe environment for the people of Louisiana is a matter of critical state concern.  

(2)  It is necessary and desirable for the protection of the public welfare and property of the people of Louisiana that there be maintained at all times, both now and in the future, clean air and water resources, preservation of the scenic beauty and ecological regimen of certain free flowing streams, and strictly enforced programs for the safe and sanitary disposal of solid waste, for the management of hazardous waste, for the control of hazards due to natural and man-made radiation, considering sound policies regarding employment and economic development in Louisiana.  

(3)  It is necessary and essential to the success of the regulatory program established in this Subtitle that the enforcement procedures include unannounced regular inspections of all facilities which may be regulated by this Subtitle or any facility in violation of this Subtitle.  

Acts 1983, No. 97, §1, eff. Feb. 1, 1984.  

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