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      RS 30:2011.1     


§2011.1.  Toxics release inventory; annual report

A.  The department shall prepare and disseminate an annual toxics release inventory (TRI) report presenting data submitted by manufacturing facilities within the state reporting the releases and transfers during the previous calendar year of chemicals designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as toxic.

B.  The annual TRI report shall be used by the department in its efforts to improve the quality of the environment and to provide summary information for the education of the public.

C.  The annual TRI report shall include summary information as follows:  background information on the federal requirements for annual TRI reporting, businesses required to report releases, the types of data which must be reported, explanations of the types of releases, amounts of releases by media, releases by parish, releases by facility for the highest volume manufacturers, and any other data and information reasonably necessary to enhance the public's understanding of the TRI information.  The department shall also present such data in tabular and chart formats to facilitate its use and understanding.

D.  The department shall not impose any new or additional fees upon the regulated community in order to prepare, publish, and disseminate the annual toxics release inventory report.

Acts 1995, No. 290, §1.

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