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      RS 30:2011.2     


§2011.2.  Environmental justice

A.  The department shall examine and study the relationship between the emission of air pollutants and the discharge of wastes by facilities located in or near residential areas.  The study shall determine the amount of such emissions and discharges in each residential area of the state.  The study shall include permitted and unpermitted emissions and discharges.  The study shall determine and set out any correlations that may exist between the emissions and discharges and residential areas.

B.  The department shall deliver the report to the members of the House Committee on the Environment and to the members of the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality no later than February 1, 1998.  The legislative committees are hereby authorized to meet  to receive testimony with regard to the report.

C.  The department shall not commence the study authorized in this Section until funds have been specifically approved for the study by the legislature.  The department shall not divert existing funds or fees from other budgeted programs to fund this study but may provide in-kind services to match any federal grants received.

Acts 1997, No. 995, §1.

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