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      RS 30:2039     


§2039.  Recordation of notice of solid or hazardous waste site by landowner

A.  If a landowner has actual or constructive knowledge that his property:

(1)  Has been used for the disposal of hazardous waste or as a solid waste landfill, except as provided in rules, and such wastes remain on the property, and if recording of the notice provided for herein is required by the Louisiana Solid Waste Regulations or the Louisiana Hazardous Waste Regulations; or

(2)  Has been identified by the department as an inactive or abandoned solid waste landfill or hazardous waste site,

he shall cause notice of the identification of the location of the waste site to be recorded in the mortgage and conveyance records of the parish in which the property is located.  Such notice shall be made in a form approved by the secretary and within the time specified by the secretary.  If a landowner fails or refuses to record such notice, the secretary may, if he determines that the public interest requires, and after due notice and an opportunity for a hearing has been given to a landowner, cause such notice to be recorded.  The clerk of court shall forward to the Department of Environmental Quality a copy of each notice recorded by a landowner in accordance with this Subsection.  

B.(1)  If any person wishes to remove such notice, he shall notify the secretary prior to requesting the removal from the clerk of court in the parish where the property is located.  The request shall specify the facts supporting removal of the notice, including any evidence that the waste no longer poses a potential threat to health or the environment.  Upon finding that the waste no longer poses a potential threat to health or the environment, the secretary shall approve removal of the notice.  

(2)  If approval is granted by the secretary, the request may be made by affidavit to the clerk of court for the removal of the notice and it shall be removed.  Within ten days after removal, the clerk of court shall send a notice of the removal to the secretary.  If the secretary objects to the removal of such notice, or fails to make a final determination upon the request within ninety days, the person desiring to have the notice removed may petition the court in the parish where the property is located for removal of the notice and after a contradictory hearing between the landowner, the clerk of court, and the secretary or his designee, the court may grant such relief upon adequate proof by the petitioner that the property no longer contains the waste which may pose a potential threat to health or to the environment.  

C.  This Section shall not apply to any facility which is operating under a permit issued by the department until such time as such notice is required by an order of the secretary, by a permit, or by rule or regulation applicable to such facility.  

D.  The failure of a landowner to file the required notice may constitute grounds for an action in redhibition under the applicable provisions of Civil Code Articles 2520 et seq., unless the purchaser has actual or constructive knowledge that the property has been used for such purposes.  

E.  Any action under this Section must be commenced within one year from the date the purchaser first knows of the existence of the fact which gives rise to the action, but in any event within three years of the date upon which the purchaser acquired his ownership interest in the property.  Venue shall be in any parish in which the property or any portion thereof is located.  

Acts 1990, No. 505, §§1, 2; Acts 1991, No. 851, §1.  

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