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      RS 30:2050.1     




§2050.1.  Enforcement; policies; list; legal review

A.  The secretary shall establish policies and procedures to address violations of this Subtitle in a formal and consistent manner.

B.(1)  The secretary shall maintain a list of all notices of violations, compliance orders, and penalty assessments issued in the preceding three months.  The list shall be updated monthly.

(2)(a)  On a periodic basis, the secretary shall mail a copy of the list, either separately or as part of a department publication, to persons who request that they be placed on the mailing list.

(b)  The secretary shall publish a list of proposed beneficial environmental projects that have been agreed to by the department and the respondent, including those that are currently out for public comment, on the department's website.  The list of proposed beneficial environmental projects shall reflect a cumulative year's record.

C.  The chief legal officer shall review each proposed compliance order, penalty assessment, suspension of a permit, emergency cease and desist order, settlement or compromise, and other proposed final enforcement action for legal sufficiency.

D.  A penalty assessment and a compliance order may be consolidated.

E.  The failure of the secretary to perform the duties imposed by this Section shall not affect the validity of any enforcement action.

Acts 1995, No. 947, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1996; Acts 1999, No. 303, §1, eff. June 14, 1999; Acts 2001, No. 1197, §1.

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