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      RS 30:2056     


§2056.  Variances

A.  The secretary may grant individual variances beyond the limitations prescribed under this Chapter.  Such variances may be granted upon presentation of adequate proof that compliance with any provision of this Chapter, with any rule or regulation thereunder, or with any final order or determination of the secretary will result in the practical closing and elimination of any lawful business, occupation, or activity without sufficient corresponding benefit or advantage to the people of the state.

B.  In determining under what conditions and to what extent a variance from this Chapter or rule or regulation hereunder may be granted, the secretary shall give due recognition to the progress which the person requesting such variance shall have made in controlling or preventing any condition which may have existed as defined by R.S. 30:2053(2).  In such case the secretary shall grant such variance conditioned upon such person effecting a partial abatement over a period of time which it shall consider reasonable under the circumstances, or the secretary in conformity with the intent and purpose of this Chapter to protect health and property may prescribe other and different requirements with which the person who receives such variance shall comply.

C.  Any variance granted pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall be granted for such period of time, not to exceed one year, as shall be specified by the secretary at the time of the granting of such variance.  Any variance may be granted by the secretary under the condition that the person who receives it shall make such periodic reports as to the progress which such person shall have made toward compliance with any rule or regulation as to which a variance has been granted.

D.  Upon the failure of the secretary to take action within sixty days after receipt of a petition for variance pursuant to this Section, or upon the failure of the secretary to enter a final order or determination within sixty days after the final argument regarding such a variance petition in any hearing under this Subtitle, then for all purposes the person affected has a right to a writ of mandamus pursuant to the provisions of Code of Civil Procedure Article 3861 et seq., in the Nineteenth Judicial District Court directing the secretary to make a decision on the variance request within a specified time period.

Acts 1983, No. 97, §1, eff. Feb. 1, 1984; Acts 1991, No. 260, §1; Acts 1993, No. 570, §2.

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