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      RS 30:2105     


§2105.  Permits, licenses, and registrations

A.  The secretary shall provide by rules or regulations for general or specific licensing of each person to receive, transfer, transport, produce, manufacture, acquire, own, possess, or use byproduct, source, and special nuclear materials in quantities not sufficient to form a critical mass; technologically enhanced natural radioactive material; other naturally occurring and artificially produced radionuclides; or devices or equipment utilizing such materials.  Such rules or regulations shall provide for amendment, suspension, or revocation of licenses and shall also provide that:

(1)  Each application for a specific license shall be in writing and shall state such information as the secretary may, by rule or regulation, determine to be necessary to decide the technical, insurance, and financial qualifications or any other qualifications of the applicant as the secretary may deem reasonable and necessary to protect occupational and public welfare and safety.  The secretary may, at any time after the filing of the application and before the expiration of the license, require further written statements and shall make such inspections as the secretary may deem necessary in order to determine whether the license should be granted or denied or whether the license should be modified, suspended, or revoked.  All applications and statements shall be signed by the applicant or licensee.  The secretary may require any applications or statements to be made under oath or affirmation.  

(2)  Each license shall be in such form and contain such terms and conditions as the secretary may, by rule or regulations, prescribe.  

(3)  No license issued under the authority of this Subtitle and no right to possess or utilize sources of radiation granted by any license shall be assigned or in any manner disposed of.  

(4)  The terms and conditions of all licenses shall be subject to amendment, revision, or modification by rules, regulations, or orders issued by the secretary in accordance with provisions of this Subtitle.  

B.  The secretary shall require registration or licensing of other sources of radiation which he deems to constitute a risk to occupational and public welfare and safety.  

C.  The secretary is authorized to exempt certain sources of radiation or kinds of users from the licensing or registration requirements set forth in this Section when the secretary makes a finding that the exemption of such sources of radiation or kinds of uses or users will not constitute a significant risk to occupational and public welfare and safety.  

D.  Rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this Subtitle may provide for recognition of any other state or federal license as the secretary shall deem desirable, subject to such registration requirements as the secretary may prescribe.  

Acts 1983, No. 97, §1, eff. Feb. 1, 1984.  

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