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      RS 30:2116     


§2116.  Naturally occurring radioactive material

On and after July 1, 1995, the secretary, upon receipt of an application for any commercial facility seeking a specific license for the treatment, storage, or disposal of naturally occurring radioactive material shall promptly notify the governing authority of any parish affected by the application and any public interest group or individual within the affected parish who has requested notice in writing and provided a mailing address.  The parish governing authority shall promptly notify each municipality within said parish affected by the application.  The secretary shall promptly consider such application and take such action thereon as he deems appropriate in accordance with law; however, the failure by the secretary or the parish governing authority to give the notice required by this Section shall not affect the validity of the action taken on the application.  For the purposes of this Subsection, "any public interest group within the affected parish" shall mean any association having not less than twenty-five members who reside in the parish in which the relevant facility is or will be located.

Acts 1995, No. 1055, §1.

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