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      RS 30:215     


§215. Nonexclusive geophysical permits

            A. A nonexclusive permit to conduct seismic, geophysical, or geological surveying upon state-owned lands, including water bottoms, shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance. However, if operations commence within the year and are ceased due to unforeseen circumstances, the term may be extended for up to one year from the cessation of operations by the secretary of Department of Energy and Natural Resources. The permittee shall pay a fee to the office of mineral resources at the time of application for the seismic permit. The fee shall be determined by the State Mineral and Energy Board at least every twelve months or as often as necessary. The fee shall be based upon market value but shall be no more than thirty dollars and no less than five dollars per acre.

            B. The secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries may object to an application for a nonexclusive permit to conduct seismic, geophysical, or geological surveying on lands, including water bottoms, under the jurisdiction of the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, including wildlife management areas, wildlife refuges, public shooting grounds, or outdoor recreation areas. Upon the secretary's objections, the application shall be presented for final determination to the State Mineral and Energy Board.

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