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      RS 30:2185     


§2185.  Hazardous waste cooperatives

A.  The secretary may license facilities, which are owned and operated by intrastate hazardous waste cooperatives for handling, transfer, storage, treatment, or disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with requirements of law and the regulations promulgated by the department.  

B.  Intrastate hazardous waste cooperatives consist of individual businesses, industries, associations, and allied businesses and industries located in the state of Louisiana which generate hazardous waste in the state of Louisiana of a similar nature and quality so as to be compatible for efficient, combined handling, transfer, storage, treatment, or disposal, except that no cooperative may admit to membership, any person, business, corporation, or association that is engaged for a fee or other consideration, in the business of waste transportation, treatment, disposal, or transfer.  

C.  Any facility owned or operated by or on behalf of such cooperative shall not accept hazardous waste except from those members of the cooperative.  No such cooperative shall accept any waste generated outside of the state of Louisiana or generated by a nonmember of such cooperative.  Such facility shall not, for the purposes of this Subtitle, be a commercial facility; however, such facility shall not be subject to any less standards and requirements than those provided for the operation of any similar commercial facility, provided however that prior to licensing of any such cooperative facility a public hearing shall be conducted in conformity with the same laws and regulations governing similar such commercial waste facilities.  

D.  No such cooperative shall begin accepting any waste without having signed its cooperative agreement with the Department of Environmental Quality.  No such cooperative shall receive any waste from new or additional members of such cooperative without having first notified the Department of Environmental Quality thirty days prior to the acceptance of such waste.  

E.  The secretary shall adopt rules in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act to provide for:

(1)  The requirements, licensing, procedure, and designation of intrastate hazardous waste cooperatives.  

(2)  The licensing of facilities owned or operated by or on behalf of any such cooperatives.  

(3)  Licensing fees.  

Acts 1987, No. 881, §1.  

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