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      RS 30:2198     


§2198.  Hazardous Waste Protection Fund

A.  There is hereby established a Hazardous Waste Protection Fund, hereinafter referred to as the "Protection Fund", to which shall be deposited all bonds forfeited to the state under this Chapter and all hazardous waste protection payments under Section 2192(B)(4) of this Chapter, after being deposited into the state treasury and credited to the Bond Security and Redemption Fund, as provided by laws of this state and the constitution.  After a sufficient amount is allocated from the Bond Security and Redemption Fund to pay all obligations secured by the full faith and credit of the state which become due and payable within any fiscal year, the treasurer shall pay into the Protection Fund an amount equal to the total amount of the bonds forfeited to the state under this Chapter and all the payments made as hazardous waste protection payments, under Section 2192(B)(4) of this Chapter.  The Protection Fund shall additionally consist of sums appropriated specifically to it by the legislature for maintenance and custody of closed sites, for emergencies caused by closed sites, and to assure financial responsibility for damages caused by closed sites.  

B.  Any grants or allocations made to the state of Louisiana from the United States government for the purposes of protecting the public from hazards associated with closed sites shall be paid by the treasurer directly into the Hazardous Waste Protection Fund.  

C.  The secretary shall provide by rule or regulations for the Protection Fund to consist of sums sufficient to assure financial responsibility for closed hazardous waste facilities, and shall provide for the procedures for assessing said payments to the protection fund.  

D.  The secretary shall administer the Protection Fund and shall make disbursements from the protection fund for all necessary and appropriate expenditures.  Disbursements shall be made upon sufficient proof of services rendered and materials or equipment used or expended.  

E.  The monies in the Protection Fund shall be used only in cases where the site has been permitted under this Subtitle and has been closed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the secretary pertaining to closure of hazardous waste facilities, for the following purposes:

(1)  Emergency responses to hazardous waste accidents;

(2)  The maintenance and custody of hazardous wastes and hazardous waste facilities;

(3)  To assure financial responsibility in the event of damages resulting from accidents and negligence; and

(4)  To provide money or services as the state share of matching funds for federal grants.  

F.  Interest earned through investments of the fund capital may be utilized to finance research concerning hazardous waste management, disposal, and resource recovery from hazardous waste.  

G.  In any case where monies in the Hazardous Waste Protection Fund are expended because of damages resulting from a violation of this Subtitle, the secretary shall institute a civil action under Section 2025(B) of this Subtitle to recover from the responsible person as damages, all such monies expended from the Protection Fund.  

Acts 1979, No. 449, §1, eff. June 1, 1980.  Amended by Acts 1980, No. 194, §15; Acts 1983, No. 97, §1, eff. Feb. 1, 1984.  

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