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      RS 30:2206     


§2206.  Contracting for hazardous waste site cleanup

A.  Whenever a hazardous waste site must be permanently closed, isolated, cleaned up, or otherwise rendered safe and there is no responsible party other than the state to perform the work, the secretary, in the name and on behalf of the state, may enter into contracts with a responsible person or corporation to provide the necessary services and materials.  Contracting for such cleanup shall be based on priorities to be determined by the department.  Any party to such an agreement must be licensed according to law before negotiating or entering into such a contract.

B.  If the secretary cannot reach an agreement for the contract with a party to perform the work without inclusion within the contract of a hold-harmless clause, the secretary is hereby authorized to include such a clause, which shall be binding upon the state of Louisiana.  The hold-harmless clause may obligate the state to hold harmless the party performing the work for property damages and personal injuries arising from the performance of the contract although the party may be found to be negligent in the performance of the contract.  However, this agreement to hold the contractor harmless may only cover acts of ordinary negligence and shall not cover damages resulting from intentional acts or acts of gross negligence.

C.  Contracts pursuant to this Section shall be negotiated informally by the secretary and shall not be subject to any other requirements of law for entering into public contracts.  Prior to the execution of such contract it shall be reviewed by the secretary of the department and the commissioner of the Division of Administration.

Acts 1983, No. 97, §1, eff. Feb. 1, 1984.  Acts 1986, No. 319, §1.

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