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      RS 30:2241     




§2241.  Definitions

A.  The terms used in this Chapter shall be defined as provided in R.S. 30:2004 and R.S. 30:2173, with R.S. 30:2173 governing in any case of conflict between them, unless another definition is specifically provided or a definition is specifically modified herein.  

B.  For the purposes of this Chapter the following terms shall be defined as follows:

(1)  "Accurate and complete manifest records" means records that conform to the requirements of the Department of Environmental Quality or its predecessors for the reporting of generation, handling, or disposing of hazardous waste in effect at the time the records were created.  

(2)  "Contributor's list" means that list prepared by the Department of Environmental Quality indicating known and ongoing generators and disposers of hazardous wastes.  

(3)  "Contribution report" is the report prepared by a generator or disposer under the provisions of this Chapter that calculates the estimate of dry weight tons of hazardous waste, for which the generator or disposer is responsible under this Chapter, disposed in such manner as to incur tax liability under this Chapter.  

(4)  "Dispose" means the discharge, deposit, injection, dumping, or placing of any hazardous waste into or on any land or into water so that any of the hazardous waste so disposed becomes part of the surrounding or underlying land.  

(5)  "Disposer" means any person who disposes or who receives for disposal the hazardous waste of a generator.  

(6)  "Dry weight ton" means a ton of hazardous waste excluding the weight of the water and for underground injection shall include no more than one percent of the inorganic solids contained in the hazardous waste.

(7)  "Generator of hazardous waste" means any person whose act or process produces hazardous waste or whose act first causes a hazardous waste to become subject to regulation by the department.  

(8)  "Hazardous waste" means a substance identified and listed as a hazardous waste in the Louisiana Hazardous Waste Regulations of the Department of Environmental Quality in effect on the effective date of this Chapter; except that the term "hazardous waste" shall not include special waste as defined in this Chapter.  

(9)  "Special waste" means and includes the following:

(a)  Spent bauxite (red mud) resulting from production of alumina.

(b)  Byproduct gypsum and related wastes resulting from the production of phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizers, and hydrofluoric acid.

(c)  Coal residue (bottom ash and slag, fly ash, and flue-gas emission control waste) after use as a boiler fuel.  

(d)  Cement kiln dust.  

(e)  Industrial waste water in a NPDES treatment train when that train includes ponds, impoundments, or similar facilities.  

(10)  "Tax" means the amount of tax due under this Chapter, and any amount of interest due under this Chapter, unless the intention to give it a more limited meaning is disclosed by the context.  

(11)  "Taxpayer" means any person liable to pay any tax or file any return under this Chapter, regardless of whether such person has paid any tax or filed the required return.  

Acts 1984, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 8, §1, eff. March 27, 1984.  

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