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      RS 30:2246     


§2246.  Failure to file contribution report timely; false reports

A.  Unless an extension is granted in writing by the secretary as provided for in R.S. 30:2247, contribution reports are due from all disposers and generators for hazardous waste in Louisiana by October 1, 1984.

B.  Upon the failure of a disposer or generator to file the contribution report by October 1, 1984, or upon the timely filing of an incorrect report with the circumstances indicating negligence or intentional disregard of the requirements of this Chapter or the requirements and rules and regulations of the secretary in preparing the incorrect report, the secretary shall:

(1)  Make an estimate from the best sources available to the secretary of the dry weight tons of hazardous waste generated or disposed in Louisiana by the disposer or generator or their predecessors at the same site, which estimate shall be deemed to be the extent of the disposer's or generator's contribution to the hazardous waste content of the land in Louisiana; provided that no adjustments provided in R.S. 30:2248 shall be allowed to any estimate made under this Subsection.

(2)  Add a penalty of twenty-five percent of the tax determined to be due under this Chapter, which penalty shall be collected and enforced by the secretary of the Department of Revenue as part of the assessment and tax debt created by this Chapter against the generator or disposer, their successors, or any persons who are directors and officers of the generator or disposer on October 1, 1984.

C.  In addition to the actions described above, if the facts and circumstances indicate that the contribution report was not filed by October 1, 1984 or was grossly incorrect intentionally, the secretary shall add a penalty of fifty percent.

D.  If any assessment has already been issued under this Chapter by the secretary of revenue, that assessment shall be increased by the amount of any estimate and penalty levied herein, which tax shall be due from the date levied.

E.  The intentional failure to file a return or the intentional filing of a grossly incorrect report by the individual or officer submitting it shall be punishable by imprisonment at hard labor for up to one year.

Acts 1984, 1st.  Ex. Sess., No. 8, §1, eff. March 27, 1984; Acts 1984, No. 104, §1; Acts 1997, No. 658, §2.

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