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      RS 30:2271     





§2271.  Findings and purpose

A.  The legislature hereby finds and declares the following:

(1)  Hazardous chemicals and substances have been disposed of in Louisiana for many years in a manner that, although possibly legal at the time, was careless and inappropriate and created conditions which are extremely dangerous and may cause long-term health and environmental problems for the people of this state.

(2)  Hazardous substances are produced and transported on a regular basis around this state and there have been numerous recent discharges resulting from accidents which have caused extensive damage to the citizens of the state and have caused the state to expend large sums to respond to these incidents.

(3)  Those persons generating these substances knew or were in a position to know of the hazardous and dangerous nature of the substances which they were producing and knew or should have known that improper disposal could have long-term health risks and could cause irreversible environmental damage.

(4)  The state cannot and should not bear the costs associated with a private profit making venture.

B.  The purpose of this Chapter is to encourage prompt notification to the department of any hazardous substance discharge or disposal, to identify locations at which a discharge or disposal of a hazardous substance may have occurred at any time in the past, to provide a mechanism to the department to insure that the costs of remedial actions are borne by those who contributed to the discharge or disposal, and to allow the department to respond as quickly as possible to hazardous substance discharges while retaining the right to institute legal actions against those responsible for remedial costs.

Acts 1984, No. 791, §1; Acts 1995, No. 1092, §2, eff. July 1, 1996.

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