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      RS 30:2277     


§2277.  Defenses

Any of the following shall be a defense to an action prosecuted by the state under the provisions of this Chapter:

(1)  The discharge or disposal was caused by an act of God.

(2)  The discharge or disposal was caused by an act of war.

(3)  The discharge or disposal was caused by an act or omission of a third person other than an employee or agent of the defendant or one whose act or omission occurs in connection with a contractual relationship, existing directly or indirectly, with the defendant, except where the sole contractual arrangement arises from a published tariff and acceptance for carriage by a common carrier by rail, and if the defendant establishes that he:

(a)  Exercised due care with respect to the hazardous substance concerned, taking into consideration the characteristics of such substance, in light of all relevant facts and circumstances.

(b)  Took precautions against foreseeable acts or omissions of any such third party and the consequences that could foreseeably result from such acts or omissions.

(4)  The owner or operator of the pollution source or facility acquired ownership or control of such property through a giving in payment or through a foreclosure proceeding of a security interest held by the person on that property or holds legal title to or otherwise manages any such property for purposes of administering an estate or trust of which such property is a part, except where such owner or operator:

(a)  Has caused a discharge or disposed of a hazardous substance covered by this Chapter; or

(b)  Knows at the time the security interest is perfected that the property contains a hazardous substance covered by this Chapter.

(5)  The potential liability for a release or threatened release is based solely on a bona fide prospective purchaser's being considered to be an owner or operator of a facility, as long as the bona fide prospective purchaser does not impede the performance of a response action or natural resource restoration.  However, the relevant property may be otherwise subject to a lien pursuant to R.S. 30:2281 or 2225(F).

Acts 1984, No. 791, §1; Acts 1991, No. 773, §1; Acts 2003, No. 1127, §1, eff. July 2, 2003.

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