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      RS 30:2283     


§2283.  Reporting requirements

A.  Whenever any owner, operator, or responsible person of any site obtains information that indicates hazardous waste, hazardous waste constituents, or hazardous substances as defined in R.S. 30:2272 are leaching, spilling, discharging, or otherwise moving in, into, within, or on any land, subsurface strata, water, or air, such person shall report this information to the department in accordance with regulations to be adopted.  This reporting requirement shall apply to leaching, spilling, discharging, or moving of hazardous waste or hazardous waste constituents occurring hereafter although the hazardous waste or hazardous waste constituents were heretofore present at the site, and shall also apply to hazardous substances.

B.  When any incident giving rise to an obligation to report to the department has previously been reported pursuant to other provisions of law, there is no duty by any additional persons to report such incident pursuant to this Section.

Acts 1999, No. 383, §1, eff. June 16, 1999.

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