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      RS 30:2286.1     


§2286.1.  Submission and approval of voluntary remedial action plans

A.  Remedial Investigation Work Plan

(1)  A person shall submit a plan for voluntary remedial investigation.  The voluntary remedial investigation plan shall include a work plan that shall conform to the site investigation requirements of the department's Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP) established pursuant to R.S. 30:2272.1, and such other requirements as established by rule.  Any site investigation must be performed pursuant to a work plan reviewed and approved by the department.

(2)  Within ninety days of receipt of the remedial investigation work plan, the department shall review the plan and either approve such plan or provide written notices of deficiencies in the investigation work plan.

(3)  The secretary may waive the requirements for a separate remedial investigation work plan if the applicant incorporates a satisfactory investigative report with the voluntary remedial action plan submitted pursuant to department regulations.

B.  In order to receive immunity from liability pursuant to R.S. 30:2285.1, after approval of the voluntary investigation report by the department, unless waived by the secretary pursuant to Paragraph (3) of Subsection A of this Section, an applicant shall submit a voluntary remedial action plan for approval by the secretary.  The voluntary remedial action plan shall include an investigative report that describes the methods and results of the investigation of the discharges or disposals and threatened discharges or disposals at the identified area of immovable property.  The secretary shall not approve the voluntary remedial action plan unless the secretary determines in writing that the nature and extent of the discharges or disposals and threatened discharges or disposals at the identified area of immovable property have been adequately identified and evaluated in the investigative report.

C.  Remedial actions required in a voluntary remedial action plan under this Part shall meet the same standards for protection of public health, safety, and welfare and the environment that apply to remedial actions taken pursuant to Part I of this Chapter.

D.  When the secretary approves a voluntary remedial action plan, the secretary may include in the approval an acknowledgment that, upon certification of completion of the remedial actions, the person submitting the plan will receive the exemption from liability provided under this Part.

Acts 1995, No. 1092, §1, eff. July 1, 1996; Acts 2006, No. 645, §1.

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