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      RS 30:2302     


§2302.  Clean Water State Revolving Fund; established

A.  The Clean Water State Revolving Fund is hereby established and shall be maintained and operated by the department.  Grants from the federal government allotted to the state for the capitalization of the CWSRF, and state funds when required, or otherwise made available, shall be deposited directly in or credited to the account of the CWSRF in compliance with the terms of the federal or state grant.  The CWSRF shall provide assistance to eligible recipients for any activities of the CWSRF as may be permitted by the federal act or federal regulations and by this Chapter.

B.  The department is authorized to enter into contracts and other agreements in connection with the operation of the CWSRF including but not limited to credit enhancement devices, guarantees, pledges, interest rate swap agreements, contracts and agreements with federal agencies, political subdivisions, public trusts, agencies or commissions of the state, and other parties to the extent necessary or convenient for the implementation of the CWSRF.  The department shall maintain full authority for the operation of the CWSRF in accordance with applicable federal and state law.

Acts 2010, No. 296, §1, eff. June 17, 2010.

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