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      RS 30:2303     


§2303.  Clean Water State Revolving Fund; authorized activities

A.  Money in or credited to the account of or to be received by the CWSRF, including sums to be received pursuant to letters of credit or from any other source, shall be expended, committed, or pledged, in a manner consistent with terms and conditions of the grants and other sources of such deposits, credits, and letters of credit, and of all applicable federal and state law and may be used:

(1)  To make loans to eligible recipients, or to purchase debt obligations using federal funds or funds on deposit in, credited to, or to be received by the CWSRF, including from the proceeds of letters of credit, at or below market interest rates for a period not to exceed thirty years from the completion of the construction of a project approved by the department.

(2)  To offer and to make or enter into loan guarantees for eligible recipients.

(3)  To provide payments to reduce interest on loans and loan guarantees to eligible recipients.

(4)  To provide additional subsidization to eligible recipients in the form of bond interest subsidies, forgiveness of principal, negative interest loans or grants, or any combination of these.

(5)  To provide bond guarantees to eligible recipients.

(6)  To provide assistance to eligible recipients with respect to the nonfederal share of the costs of a project.

(7)  To finance the cost of facility planning and the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates for construction of projects for eligible recipients as may be approved by the department.

(8)  To provide financial assistance to eligible recipients for the construction and rehabilitation of a project on the state priority list.

(9)  To secure principal, interest, and premium if any, on bonds or other evidence of indebtedness issued by the department, or any agency, commission, authority, or public corporation of the state, by any public trust or by any other entity having the authority to issue debt for or on behalf of the state, or any political subdivision of the state if the proceeds of such bonds are deposited in the CWSRF, if the proceeds of such bonds are used to pay for a project approved by the department, or if the proceeds of such bonds are used to refund any obligation the proceeds of which are used to pay for an approved project to the extent provided and allowed by the terms of the federal grant.

(10)  To make, enter into, or provide for loan guarantees for similar revolving funds established by instrumentalities, public trusts or agencies of the state, political subdivisions, or intermunicipal or interstate agencies.

(11)  To purchase or refinance, at or below market rates, debt incurred by political subdivisions for wastewater treatment projects, where such debt obligations were incurred after March 7, 1985.

(12)  To improve credit market access by guaranteeing, arranging, or purchasing bond insurance or other credit enhancement devices for debt obligations issued by the department, or any eligible recipient issued for a purpose authorized by this Section.

(13)  To provide any other assistance or to fund any other programs which the federal government authorizes by law, regulation, or the terms of any grants.

(14)  To fund the administrative expenses of the department related to the CWSRF.

(15)  To provide for any other expenditure consistent with the federal grant program and state law, including grants.

B.  Money not currently needed for the operation of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund or otherwise dedicated may be invested in an interest-bearing account.  All such interest earned on investments shall be credited to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

Acts 2010, No. 296, §1, eff. June 17, 2010.

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