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      RS 30:2351.23     


§2351.23. Permits and notifications

           A. A lead contractor may commence an abatement activity only after obtaining a permit for the project from the secretary.

           B. Contractors with ongoing abatement activities involving continuous or intermittent actions at a single site may apply for an annual permit rather than for a project permit each time an abatement activity commences.

           C. The secretary shall establish, by regulation, the requirements for obtaining a permit. The requirements shall include all of the following, but not be limited to:

           (1) Use of certified workers.

           (2) Use of certified lead project supervisors.

           (3) Use of appropriate equipment and materials.

           D. Permit applications shall include but not be limited to all of the following information:

           (1) Name and address of the contractor responsible for the abatement activity.

           (2) Name and address of the lead-contaminated waste transporter.

           (3) Name and address of the lead-contaminated waste disposal facility.

           (4) Name and address of the property owner.

           (5) Location of the abatement activity.

           (6) Description of the abatement activity, including the amount and location of lead-contaminated waste materials.

           (7) Description of the procedures and equipment that will be used to perform the abatement activity.

           (8) Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1085, §2.

           (9) Scheduled starting and completion dates.

           E. The secretary may issue a permit after determining that the applicant has met the requirements established by the secretary. In addition, the secretary may impose upon a permit any additional terms and conditions deemed necessary to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Chapter or regulations promulgated under it.

           F. After a permit has been issued, the applicant shall notify the secretary, in advance, of any material changes in the abatement activity not accounted for in the permit application and shall submit an amended permit application before project completion.

           G. The secretary, upon finding that a person has failed to comply with the provisions of this Chapter or regulations promulgated under it, shall deny, suspend, or revoke a permit until the applicant is found to be in compliance with this Chapter.

           H. The secretary shall establish a schedule of fees for obtaining permits pursuant to this Part. Fees collected pursuant to this Chapter shall be deposited into the Lead Hazard Reduction Dedicated Fund Account provided for in R.S. 30:2351.41.

           Acts 1993, No. 224, §1; Acts 1995, No. 1085, §§1, 2; Acts 2021, No. 114, §18, eff. July 1, 2022.

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