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      RS 30:2351.28     


§2351.28. Data collection program

            A. The secretary may establish a program for the collection and analysis of data on lead hazard detection and lead hazard reduction activities in the state, and on the certification, accreditation, and enforcement activities of the department.

            B. The owner of any licensed day care center, preschool, or public or non-public elementary school facility that qualifies as a child-occupied facility and first placed in operation after August 1, 2012, shall have an inspector conduct an inspection of the facility and grounds for the presence of lead hazards. No inspection shall be required if the facility or its grounds has been inspected or has been the subject of lead abatement or remediation since 1978. If a portion of the facility or its grounds has not been inspected or been the subject of lead abatement or remediation since 1978, then those portions of the facility or its grounds shall be subject to the provisions of this Section. The owner or operator of the facility shall maintain documentation that the inspection or lead abatement or remediation activities were conducted in accordance with applicable requirements. If a lead hazard is found to be present, the inspector and the owner shall report those findings to the state health officer and the secretary. The state health officer shall compile the results and report the findings to the legislature in the annual Louisiana Health Report Card.

            C. The secretary may enter into agreements with the Louisiana Department of Health to implement this Section.

            Acts 1993, No. 224, §1; Acts 2012, No. 733, §1.

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