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      RS 30:2351.9     


§2351.9.  Approval of training courses

A.  The secretary shall develop rules establishing criteria and procedures for the approval of training course curricula, and examinations that shall ensure the qualifications of applicants for licensure or certification as required in this Chapter.

B.  To facilitate overall development of work force skills and career paths in the lead hazard reduction industry, and to promote efficiency in training, the training criteria developed by the secretary shall utilize, to the maximum extent possible, a "tiered" approach under which training criteria for higher-skilled licensure or certification categories, such as lead project supervisors, and expand upon the criteria established for lower-skilled categories, such as workers.

C.  To qualify for approval, a training course shall contain a combination of class instruction, practical application, and public health procedures of a length and content that, to the satisfaction of the secretary, shall ensure adequate training for the level and type of responsibility for each named certification category.

D.  All courses certified under this Section shall be conducted by instructors whose training and experience is determined by the secretary to be appropriate for the subject matter being taught and the level of licensure category for which the course is designed.

E.  An approved initial course for any category of person engaged in lead hazard reduction activities shall include all of the following, but not be limited to:

(1)  Worker health and safety instruction no less stringent than that required under applicable federal regulations.

(2)  Instruction in the importance of safe work practices in promoting public health, and the importance of proper decontamination procedures in eliminating the risk of contaminating the workers' home environment.

(3)  Instruction in the workers' rights and obligations under federal and state law.

F.  In addition to developing criteria for classroom instruction pursuant to this Section, the secretary shall develop minimum criteria for hands-on training or on-site instruction.

G.  Minimum criteria for the length of initial classroom, hands-on or on-site instruction, which is no less stringent than any minimum standards established under federal law or regulation, shall be determined by the secretary.

H.  The criteria for approval of training courses shall include minimum trainee competency and proficiency requirements, evidenced through both written examinations and minimum skills demonstration examinations.

I.  Upon successful completion of an approved initial training course or approved refresher training course, the trainee shall be issued a certificate by the secretary, or the accredited training provider under the authority of the secretary.

Acts 1993, No. 224, §1; Acts 1995, No. 1085, §1.

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