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      RS 30:2367     


§2367.  Alternative compilation of data through certain agencies

A.  Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 535, §1.

B.(1)  Those manufacturers, storers, and users of liquified petroleum gas who make reports, pay fees, and are permitted through the Liquified Petroleum Gas Commission of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall not be required to pay additional fees for reporting under this Chapter.

(2)  The deputy secretary of public safety services shall consult with the chairman of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Commission and the Louisiana Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association to develop the necessary guidelines for incorporating reporting procedures and forms into inventory reports required by this Chapter or develop alternate reporting procedures under R.S. 30:2370(A)(2).  Further, the deputy secretary and the chairman of the Louisiana Liquefied Petroleum Gas Commission shall develop a mechanism for sharing and including such data in the information management system developed under this Chapter.

(3)  The administrative costs, as determined by the deputy secretary, of including information regarding liquified petroleum gas shall be paid by the Liquified Petroleum Gas Commission through fees presently paid to the commission by manufacturers, users, and storers of liquified petroleum gas.

(4)  Nothing in this Subsection shall be intended to nullify an owner's or operator's obligation to report in compliance with rules promulgated under this Subsection.

Acts 1985, No. 435, §1, eff. July 11, 1985; Acts 1987, No. 347, §1; Acts 1992, No. 535, §1; Acts 1997, No. 1046, §1.

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