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      RS 30:2374     


§2374.  Fees

A.  An annual fee shall be submitted with the inventory form by each owner or operator required to report under this Chapter.  The fee shall be assessed in proportion to the number of hazardous materials manufactured, used, or stored on site.

B.(1)  The fees for facilities not meeting the definition of "small business" in R.S. 30:2363 shall be assessed as follows:

 Number of Hazardous Materials

Amount of

Present at Facility

Fees Charged

01 to 25

  $  65.00

26 to 75

  $  85.00

76 to 100


Over 100


(2)  Any facility required to pay a fee pursuant to this Section and any retail gas station exempt from reporting pursuant to R.S. 30:2370 shall not be required to pay an additional fee to the local emergency planning committee other than the fees already imposed by the local emergency planning committee for the collection of information required by this Chapter.

(3)  In the case of owners or operators reporting facilities with numbers of hazardous materials referenced above at multiple locations throughout the state, no owner or operator shall be assessed total fees in excess of two thousand dollars.

(4)  The fee per facility for small businesses as defined in this Chapter shall not exceed twenty-five dollars.

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